Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules

Team Leader

Odile Schiltz

CNRS Research Director in Biochemistry


François Amalric

University of Toulouse Emeritus Professor in Molecular Biology

Marie-Pierre Bousquet

University of Toulouse Associate Professor in Biochemistry

Manuelle Ducoux

University of Toulouse Associate Professor in Biochemistry

Anne Gonzalez de Peredo

CNRS Research Associate in Biochemistry

Julien Marcoux

CNRS Research Associate in Structural Mass Spectrometry

Engineers in Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry

Karima Chaoui

Carine Froment

Marlène Marcellin

Carole Pichereaux

Alexandre Stella

Engineers in Bioinformatics

Renaud Albigot

David Bouyssié

Emmanuelle Mouton

Postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. Students

Marie Locard

Fellow of French Proteomics Infrastructure - Global Phosphoproteomics

Julien Parra

Fellow of Sanofi-Pasteur - Structural Mass Spectrometry & Top-down Proteomics

Thomas Menneteau

Fellow of Région Occitanie-CNRS